What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Fans?

Today, there are many types and models of ceiling fans from different companies. This is the reason why you need time to choose and find the best fan to suit your needs. There are many things to consider before you buy a ceiling fan such as the place you want to place the fan, what style you want and many more factors. On the type of what to buy, you can have so many choices because there are many of them. Here are some of the fans used today.

Common types of ceiling fans available

1. Traditional ceiling fans

These are fans that evolved a while ago but are still used up to date. As per their design, they have different ornaments fixed on them. Some of the traditional styles of ceiling fans include the Victorian ornaments. They are made from metal or plastic and come in different colours. They have never gone out of fashion and are a favourite to many. They are less expensive compared to other ceiling fans thus come in handy you’re your budget and are easy to install.

2. Contemporary ceiling fans

Contemporary ceiling fans are the modern fans. They offer cooling power and speed the same as the traditional ceiling fans. With these, you get to choose the one that matches your house and furniture. They come in different designs. They are a bit more expensive than the traditional ceiling fans.

3. Ceiling fans for outdoor use

Ceiling fans for outdoor use come in two types: the wet rated ceiling fans and the damp rated outdoor ceiling fans. The wet rated fans are made to withstand rain and are therefore mostly used in the rainy areas. If you want to place a fan in an area that can be affected by rain and at any time, use the wet rated outdoor ceiling fan. An example of a place to use this type of fan is cabana.

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The damp rated outdoor fan can be placed in an area that is not susceptible to rain or any type of wet condition. They can also be used indoors same as the wet rated ceiling fans. The best place to place this type of fan is on a covered patio.


Other types of ceiling fans include the wall fans and the rust resistant fans. The guiding principle when buying a ceiling fan is to know where to place it. If you don’t know where to place your fan, then it will be difficult for you to make a choice of the fans. You might even end up buying the wrong fan for a place. If you are not sure about the type of fan and where to place it, ask your friends so you can get more information.