How to Choose the Right Ceiling Light

The process of choosing a suitable ceiling light for your house can be stressful. This is because before you choose the right one, you have to know the correct size and what type of brand to choose from. However, the whole process is very easy. The only thing you need is to be careful because there are many types of ceiling lights out there. Everyone needs good house lighting that will create the best atmosphere for their families.

How to choose the right ceiling light

First of all, you need to consider the height of your ceiling. If your house has an 8ft ceiling or more, you can choose a light that hangs some distance from the ceiling. If the height of your ceiling is lower than 8ft, a semi flush fitting light is good. This one has no chain and is suspended using rods. If the height is lower than 7ft, a flush ceiling light fitting is your best choice. Measure the height of your ceiling before buying a ceiling light.

The second factor to consider is the style you want. Do you want a modern, traditional or contemporary style of lighting? In this case, the best thing is to go and work with the style of your furnishings. Choose a style that will match with your home and not something that is too complicated. Choose something that is in fashion and not one that is too old.

Size is another important factor to put into consideration. Usually, the size of your ceiling is the one that determines the amount of lighting you will get in your house. If your ceiling is large, the lighting bulbs will be spread far apart so that they light the whole house. Larger rooms require more bulbs than small rooms. This is because, the larger the room, the larger the ceiling size.

What finish do you want? There are many finishes in which you can choose from. Your light fitting should match the finishing of your home, for example, the walls and door handles. Some finishes include brass, satin, chrome colours. These types of finishes don’t go out of fashion.


Different people want a different amount of lighting in their rooms. For example, there are those who would want bright, others dull, while others would want something medium, neither too bright nor too dull. Lighting is someone’s choice and it is important for you to choose the right type of light fitting for your home or room. You should be aware that light fitting comes in different styles, the size, the finish, and the height. The best way to find out more about style, finish and size is to use the menu filters on a website you are purchasing your lighting from. These will guide and help you achieve what you want for your house lighting purposes.

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