Ways to Save Energy with Ceiling Lights

What can you do to save energy with lighting? Well, there are many things to do to save energy. Saving energy will help you save your money and it’s also a way to protect the environment. They include;

1. Put your lights on a schedule

To ensure that your lights are used or are on when you need them, you can do various things. First, you can install timers which automatically turn lights off according to how you set them. These timers will ensure that your lights are off when you don’t need them. The second thing to do is use motion detectors on your outdoor ceiling light fixtures. These prevent lights from being on all night long. There are also outdoor ceiling lights that come with photo sensors. The photo sensors are the ones that will only allow lights to come on when the sun goes down. These help to save on energy.

2. Keep cool with a ceiling fan

If your ceiling fan is old, you can replace it with a new energy-Star qualified fan. This will ensure you save energy and reduce your energy bills. Usually, you can save £25 per year on your total energy bills. The energy-Star qualified fans have fan-blades that move air 20% more efficiently than other ceiling fan models. They will save your money and energy.

3. Buy products with a big warranty

It’s obvious for one to buy goods with a warranty. However, with ceiling lights, you need to buy one with a strong warranty. You can use one with a two-year warranty. This is to avoid the replacement costs. Strongly warranted ceiling fixtures can save energy too, because it means they are very strong and not faulty.

4. Replace your home light fixtures

To save energy, you will need to replace your home light fixtures or bulbs with energy star models. This will see that you save a lot of money usually £50 per year of your total energy costs. You can do the replacement on the lights that are used frequently in your home. The frequently used lights in your home are the living room, bedroom, and kitchen lights.


Today, a household spends £1500 per year on energy bills. However, you can change this by using the energy star model ceiling light fixtures. These will help you save on your energy costs or bills, about $500 per year. The other ways to do this as we have seen is by replacing your home bulbs with the energy saving ones, keeping the house cool with ceiling fans, buying products with a strong warranty and putting on your lights on a schedule. This way, you will save a lot of energy and also help save your money.