What to Look For When Buying Ceiling Fans

The work of the ceiling fans is to circulate air in your room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room. They are used both for heating and cooling purposes. If you want to have a good night’s sleep, it is recommended for you to use a ceiling fan rather than an air conditioner. When you want to spend some refreshing moments on a porch outside, you can either use a damp or wet ceiling fan. Wet ceiling fans are used in the rainy seasons. When buying one, there are a number of things you need to look for:

1. Fan size

When you talk about fan size, it means the diameter of the circle in which the rotating blades make. Usually, the bigger the room, the bigger the fan you will need. To determine the size of your room or house, you need to obtain the square footage of the room. For example, a small room that is less than 80 square feet would require a 24-42 blade span ceiling fan. A bigger room such as the living room that is 150-300sq ft. would require a 52-60 blade span ceiling fan.

2. Blades

This is an important part of a ceiling fan. Some fans come with four to five blades. Usually, the higher the number of blades, the slower the fans will rotate. If you want the air to move more rapidly, you need a fun that has only three blades and not more than that. The angle of the blades is another factor to consider. A good fan should have an angle of 12 to 14 degree for more efficiency.

3. CFM

CFM means Cubic Feet of air flow per Minute. It represents the wind chilly effect that is responsible for making people feel cooler in their rooms. To save energy, you need the highest CFM for your fan. Look for 6000 to 7000 cfm when buying a ceiling fan so you get to save on energy.

4. Ceiling fan styles and finishes

They come in various styles, design and different finishes. During cooler months one can adjust his fan. This is because they come with adjustable speeds function. It is also important for you to choose those with remote controls as they are easier to operate.


To get the most out of your fan, make sure you buy the best model that will serve your needs well. Be careful when choosing one. Today, there are too many and are manufactured by many different types of companies. Some of them might be faulty while others may be genuine but you might never know until when you buy and take them home. Take your time and make sure you buy the right thing.