How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

Today, there are many ceiling fans to choose from. This is the reason why choosing one may be difficult for most people. Every person wants a fan that will fit his or her needs throughout. When buying one, choose one that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This way, it will help save energy. Which fan is best suited for your needs?

Tips to help you choose the right ceiling fan

Ceiling fans can be used at any part of your home that is anywhere you want to keep the air moving. Most people use fans indoors. However, there are different types of indoor and outdoor fans. If you are building an outdoor space, you can decide to buy an outdoor ceiling fan. Outdoor ceiling fans are best for breezeways and patios.

When can you use your ceiling fan?

Fans are used during summer when the weather is generally warm. This, however, does not mean they can’t be used during other seasons. They can be used during the winter season too. During summer, the fan blades rotate in a counter-clockwise manner to create a cool breeze. The cool breeze sees that you to use less energy, usually up to 40%. During winter, you can set the fan to rotate in a clockwise direction which forces the warmer air down from the ceiling. It lowers the heating costs.

Size is another factor to consider when choosing a ceiling fan. To know what size is best, you will need to get the square footage of your room. If your room is big and you choose a small fan, the air from the fan might not be enough. A fan of 60 to 80-inch blade span is the best for a large room.

Some fans come with light kits. You can either decide to order fans with a lighting kit or one that has no lighting kit. Those with lighting kits provide an overhead ambient illumination but other fixtures may be needed to supplement it. Buy a fan that matches your furnishings. They come in various designs that you may like.


When choosing ceiling fans, you should be careful. Choose the one that suits you best. Know whether you will buy one with a lighting kit or not. Decide whether you will buy an outdoor and indoor fan or one that serves both purposes. Determine how high to hang your fan. After you choose the right fan, make sure it is installed well. Choose an expert to install it for you. You can buy a fan for your kitchen, bathroom, dining room or any other room. It all depends on what you like.